We love nature because of the deeply care for life and the worry of the earth
Trillia has insisted on designing, manufacturing and selling more natural products that positively contribute to human health and
beauty for many years. We hope to bring happiness to you and your family through a purer nature, and make the earth more
environmentally friendly and beautiful.
More persistent than others because the love of nature
The love of nature comes from the responsibility to others and self-conscience. Therefore, the safety of use is the most important
factor in our product design and development, and it is also the only decision factor to judge whether the product is suitable for
production and sales. We are constantly working on the most natural products, so most of our products are verified by the most
stringent organic farming certification. However, the global organic farming certification systems are still only open for the verification
of agricultural, food and vegetable oils till now, so some of our products is out of the range to applied, but we still strive to comply
with the relevant provisions of the organic farming certification system for product development, production and sales.
More attentive because of persistence

We request very high standards of self-discipline for product safety and moral conscience, so we only use a small amount of single
and simple chemical elements in some of our products. We avoid to use the chemical materials that has been experimentally proven
to be significantly threatening or harmful to human health by credible and famous professional organization, research
or medical institutions in the world.
Nowadays, many of the chemical additives in food, daily necessities and beauty care products are obviously threatening or harmful
to human health, and we are less able to recognize and use them. Therefore, we can only use traditional production methods to
replace the function of those chemical materials.
Most of our products must be produced and manufactured by traditional production method. At present, we can carry out a variety
of traditional methods, including cooking, cold pressing, distillation, brewing, saponification, extraction, molecular adaptation, etc.
More sincerity because of intention
While implementing the most stringent organic standards, we are more concerned about organic spirit. Therefore, we adhere to the
principle of sincerity and pragmatism, and spend most of our product budget on the procurement of high-quality raw materials, and
abandon the expensive, gorgeous and beautiful packaging materials. We also rejects fancy and exaggerated marketing method or
speech. We are pragmatically implementing the natural traditional production methods that most manufacturers are not willing to
adopt, and which are time-consuming, labor-intensive and costly. We sincerely hope that through our efforts, we can bring you and
the global environment more healthy and beautiful.

EU Organic Farming Certification
NO: TOC-EU-1903001

Taiwan(R.O.C) Organic Farming Certification
NO: 1-009-210186

Sales License of Taiwan(R.O.C) for Drug Dealers
NO: 623104K267

Factory Manufacturing license of Taiwan(R.O.C) for Cosmetic And Cleaning Products
NO: 623104K267